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When the Princess Runs Off -

So we have quite the princess who lives at our house.  She is prissy, high maintenance and super quirky.  But she is the love our of lives.  However this pampered pooch has one really really bad habit.   She loves to chase deer!   When you live in the 100 acre woods, chasing deer is a very bad habit to have.  Now she knows she cannot catch them, but this little squatty girl is more than ready to go!  Over the creek, jumping the downed trees and by the turkeys.  One day those deer will be hers.  But today was not the day.  Today, mom, dad, all her brothers tromped through the 100 acre words to look for this pampered...

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Uncharted Territory - What does the dog think?

Sometimes change is good and sometimes it is just change.  I we all try to navigate this new normal, you have to take a step back and wonder what our dogs might be thinking? Why are they home, this it my time to sleep and they have taken me on 10 walks and they said to get ready for number 11.  Do they miss us while we are at work.  Waiting by the door for us to come home.  Now they see us ever hour of every day, think our pets are ready for us to go back to work?   I know ours are happy to have us around, at least maybe the first week.  The dogs are loving...

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Please help welcome Always & Furever Midwest Animal Sanctuary

Please help welcome one of our wonderful December rescues, Always & Furever Midwest Animal Sanctuary. Based in Spring Hill, Kansas and founded in 2018, Always & Furever specializes in senior dogs. They have saved over 500 dogs from high kill shelters. The mission of Always & Furever Midwest Animal Sanctuary is to provide senior furry friends a home in a loving, healthy living room setting. There they can comfortably live out their lives, be they measured in weeks, months or years.

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Winter Weather Tips For Your Dog

Winter Tips for your Furry Friend As the winter season is soon approaching it is important to consider man's best friend as you prepare yourself and your home for the coming cold. When most people consider winter weather and their dogs, they generally are concerned with making sure their dogs have a coat if they have short fur and booties to protect their paws.

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Why cats need furniture for a long and healthy life.

No one can deny that every cat has its own personality. Some are super independent or stuck up. Some want to snuggle all the time. No matter how different they are, one thing almost all of them have in common is that they love cat furniture. My wife and I have taken this to the extreme and built an elaborate, multi-level runway around several rooms of our home.

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