Bella tee in Heather Prism Dusty Blue with the words "2020 The Year I got to be a stay at home dog mom

The Upside Of 2020 Quarantine Is Being A Stay At Home Dog Mom

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So with all the negatives of having to quarantine during 2020, did you ever think there would actually be perks? Well, for dog moms, there are definite perks! Your dog has probably never been happier, because you are home all day. For a loving creature who can never have enough attention, this is heaven! By now, you've probably realized that you are loving the attention just as much, and we don't blame you. If you never considered being a stay at home dog mom before, you might be thinking about it seriously now. The benefits are endless.

This Bella Stay-At-Home Dog Mom shirt is sure to be a new favorite. Its color is subtle enough to go with just about anything, and it's really, really, really comfortable. We love how soft the Bella shirts are, and we think you'll agree. The sizing for these quarantine t-shirts is unisex, so you will want to check out the FAQs to ensure you pick the perfect fit for you.