Back of Bella tee in Black featuring a cat and a dad&

Put 'Er There For The Best Cat Dad Ever Tee

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Cat dads don't get a lot of recognition, so we decided to show some love with this fun, feline-themed tee. Not sure if you call it a fist pump, paw pump, or a knuckle-paw tap, but it totally conveys the "maybe I'm sometimes aloof, but I think you're pawesome" cattitude.

This design just pops on the black color of this Bella best cat dad ever tee. The bold artwork feels like comic book art with a pinch of retro, so it definitely has the "cool guy" factor. Bella tees are super soft and snuggle-worthy. The cat kids will approve, so be sure to keep it secure in a drawer when you're not wearing it. Who are we kidding? Since when has a drawer ever stopped a cat? You may have to search your feline's favorite hiding places for it. But once you have this cat dad tee shirt on, the "kids" will come running.