White Bella tee with the words "Peace Love Great Dane" with colorful icons of a hand making a peace gesture, a gold heart, and a Great Dane face.

Peace Love Great Dane

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Who can resist the excited face of a happy Great Dane? This tee has an adorable dane who is thrilled that you are wearing this tee. If you are a Great Dane lover, pet parent, or just think they're cool, this shirt covers the essential three bests in life: Peace, Love, Great Dane. The artwork is balanced, and can go with neutrals, or it can be the pop of bling you need to perk up something more subtle. You really can't go wrong with this tee.

Nothing beats a white shirt for versatility, and the Bella tee is soft and super-comfortable. It just might become your favorite tee. Bella tees are unisex in sizing, so be sure to consult our FAQs to ensure you select the best fit for you.