Bella tee in black featuring a happy Golden Retriever face in front of a circle filled with wide, colorful horizontal stripes, and the words “Nothing Else Matters When Life Is Golden” surrounding the image.

Nothing Else Matters When Life Is Golden

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It’s no surprise that if you have a Golden Retriever, you are probably head over heels in love with this amazing breed. Eager and self-confident, Retrievers are known for their hunting abilities. You probably already know that they are alert and attentive and you’ve probably envied their robust power and relentless energy. But their bouncy side is balanced with their loyalty and their trustworthiness. Such great family dogs, they really know how to move your heart with their desire to please and their playful attitudes. No doubt, your Golden Retriever is a loving and caring creature, and a critical part of your family.

We get it. This tee has a simple phrase, but it really states how we feel about these beautiful fur babies. Yes, they are Golden in color, but they really paint life with a glorious sunny hue that can’t be denied. They are the perfect snugly friends in times of need, and they are full of fun and frolic to keep you motivated and energetic. We love this vintage-styled sunset rainbow and the happy canine smile.

The black tee can match anything on its own, but the design gives it the perfect pop of color that makes it an accent piece all on its own. It’s a Bella + Canvas tee, so you know it’s going to be super-soft and extremely comfortable. Wear it with your favorite jeans or shorts and top it with a slouchy sweater or hoodie for a casual ensemble. Or you can dress it up a bit with a jacket and skirt. It’s a staple piece that can go almost anywhere.

To choose the best size, please consult our FAQs. Bella +Canvas tees are unisex, so you may need something different than your usual go-to size to ensure the best fit. Makes a great gift!