Comfort Colors long sleeve tee in Crunchberry with stylized artwork of the words "Dog Mom" on the front, left pocket. The "O" in Dog is a paw print.

Long Sleeve Dog Mom Pocket Print Shirt Is Fun And Special

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Dog moms are a special breed, and we know that you love all of your furry children as only moms can. You give them the best treats, take them on the best walks, find the most fun toys, feed their curiosity for adventure, and plan those oh-so-special trips to water (fountains, lakes, rivers, or the beach)You always have time for cuddles, and you’re there when they need comfort. We love that about you, and we think you’re awesome! We sure you'll be delighted with this new pocket Dog Mom design. It’s got just enough color to punch up your wardrobe, and just enough artwork to give it some attention. But it still lets you make the call on how much you wanna dress it up or down. It’s not breed-specific, but has a universal dog paw print to add some sweetness. 

This bright long sleeve Comfort Colors shirt in Crunchberry is durable, and it’s 100% cotton so it breathes. It will keep its brilliant color, it wears nicely, and it is the perfect weight to keep you warmer than a short sleeve shirt but without the heavier bulk of a fleece. It’s just the right thing for cooler evenings or protecting your skin from the sun. Comfort Colors tees have unisex sizing, so ensure you order the right size for the perfect fit. Consult our FAQs for sizing specifics.