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Japanese Chin Neon Blue Tee Shirt

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How perfect is this little Chin? We love the stately look, the poise, and the regal bearing of the Chin in this design. The bright white and black on the field of the tee's neon blue color is amazing! It is the perfect media for this adorable dog! And the bone in the front just finishes the look.

The small front design gives you a lot of wardrobe flexibility, so with a sweater or blazer, you can maximize this gorgeous blue. However, you'll probably want to show off the adorableness that is the Japanese Chin.

The Comfort Color tee is a solid, heavyweight cotton, and due to its unisex sizing, it does run a bit large. Please refer to the FAQ if you have size questions. Also, remember that pigment dyed tees might run a bit the first few washings, but they wear-in nicely.