Image of a 12oz insulated metal wine tumbler in red with a metal rim, plastic lid, and the words, "Drinking with my dog is acceptable" laser etched in the side.

Drinking With My Dog Is Acceptable Because I Have A Wine Tumbler

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No more fancy glasses with slender stems. This wine drinking is some serious business, and this is the cup that can take the real stuff of life and keep those precious liquids safe! This wine tumbler holds 12 oz of wine (or something stronger if you wish). It’s insulated, so it will keep the mulled wines warm, the reds temperate, and the whites cold. Of course, if you have something stronger on the rocks, it will keep that cold too!

The tumbler is easy to hold and has an appealing shape. It’s durable construction is great for those less-than-perfect outings. And since drinking with your dog is acceptable, it can handle the rowdy affection you’re likely to encounter from your canine companion (or companions). The words are laser etched into the side of the tumbler, so you will have the design for a long time. There’s no ink to fade, no stickers to peel, and no paint to rub off.

Hand washing is recommended to keep your tumbler in the best condition possible, so it will always be at the ready for the next drink.