Behold! This Tumbler Is The Perfect Goblet For The Mother Of Fur Babies!

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In a world full of mysterious and amazing creatures, you have risen among them as a leader and a mentor. Instead of heeding the call of their own, the wild and furry answer to you. Their untamed lineage succumbs to your order, your mastery, and your domination. To you they owe their allegiance, and to you they run (especially if there’s food or a squeaky toy). You are…the Mother OF Fur Babies!

Bold Indigo blue covers this tumbler of tumblers, made just for you. Choose your size and style for the best cup to meet the occasion of your need. They are sturdy, like your children, and they are durable. They are insulated to keep your hearty beverages at their correct temperatures, hot or cold. And the design is laser etched, so it won’t peel, fade, or wear off this epic drink ware.

For best results, we suggest you hand wash your tumbler to ensure that it will perform optimally and last a long time.