Butter yellow Comfort Colors tee featuring a sunglass-wearing Shih Tzu in a beach scene complete with beach ball, chair, umbrella, and the words "Aloha Summer."

Aloha Summer! This Shih Tzu is Ready For Fun!

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Are you ready for summer? We are, and so is this sweet Shih Tzu! How cute are those sunglasses? Expectant, and waiting, this pup is ready to chase that beach ball, lounge under the sun umbrella, curl up in the chair, and dig through what has to be a bag of treats. This soft, sunny Butter tee has all the summer fun you can imagine, and a happy puppy to boot.

This Comfort Colors tee is comfortable and has unisex sizing. You will want to check our FAQs to ensure you pick the size that will fit you the best.