Image of an insulated tumbler bottle in Royal with black plastic screw-on lid, featuring two cat faces, and the words "show me your kitties" laser etched in the side of the bottle.

Show Me Your Kitties, And I'll Show You An Awesome Tumbler Bottle

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This tumbler bottle is the cat’s meow! Is it snarky? Maybe. But we think you’ll bond with other cat parents over it. The design is fun and lively, and it’s sure to start a conversation. It’s laser etched, so the design is actually part of the bottle. It won’t peel off like a sticker. It won’t fade or rub off like ink or paint. It’s designed to last for a long time, which is great because this tumbler bottle is durable. It travels well, and can go with you on your adventures, even if that just means traveling from one room to the next. The loop at the top makes it easy to hold.

If you like hot stuff, the insulation will keep things hot, so you can sip-sip-sip. If cold is your thing, then you’re in luck, because the insulation will keep cold things cold too. It’s the best of both worlds! This bottle makes a great gift.

We recommend hand washing your tumbler bottle to keep it in good condition and ensure that it will continue to perform.  :x