Image of an insulated tumbler in Red with metal rim, clear plastic lid, featuring a paw print with a Jeep front outline surrounded by the words "Easily distracted by jeeps and dogs" laser etched in the side of the cup.

Perfect Tumbler For Anyone Easily Distracted By Jeeps And Dogs

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Have a hard time concentrating? We know why, because we get you! Jeeps are the ultimate getaway vehicle, and nothing says, “Adventure Me” like a Jeep. Dogs are the ultimate everything! They are counselors for troubled times, comforters, delights, snuggle buddies, and the one most likely to get you up off that sofa and out the door. After all, how can you resist an adorable pooch, leash in mouth, wagging tail, beckoning you with “Adventure Me” eyes? No WONDER you’re easily distracted by these amazing things!

Well have we got your number, or tumbler. Brilliant red, because, well, red! Pick your size and style, and you’ve got the perfect beverage container. These are insulated, and they’ll keep that coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot toddy or whatever hot. If you’re more of a cold drink person, they’ll keep the cold stuff cold, so you can enjoy every sip. The design is laser etched. It won’t fade on you, and it won’t peel like a sticker or rub off. It will last through your next distraction -adventure.

For best results, we suggest you hand wash your tumbler to ensure that it will perform optimally and last a long time.