Life Is Better With A Boston Terrier Around And An Insulated Tumbler

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Life is great, but if you are a Boston Terrier parent, you know that life is better with a Boston Terrier around. All that sweetness, all that spunk Bostons just have the right mix to make your day. We totally appreciate these adorable canine children, and we know how you feel about them. We have the perfect tumbler for you, and you can choose the size and the style that suits you best.

These tumblers are sturdy, durable, and can go with you anywhere your Boston wants to go. They are insulated, so you can take your hot beverage or cold drink on the go with you. The hot will stay hot, and the cold will stay cold, so coffee or tea, soda, or something harder will stay the way you want it.

The fun design is laser etched into the cup, so it will last for a long, long, long time. It won’t peel or fade, and it won’t rub off. There’s lots of detail, and it’s super cute!

For best results, we suggest you hand wash your tumbler to ensure that it will perform optimally and last a long time.