It's Hard To Have The Blues With This Colorful Boxer Tee

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Who can resist an adorable Boxer? We certainly can't. Beautiful blue and brown tones fill the contours of this lovable face, and we are mesmerized. Expressiveness and sweetness fill each line, from the longing eyes, to the attentive ears. This is a beautiful work of art and a tribute to an amazing animal.

Let the blue hues be a pop of contrast to a neutral palette, or you can choose to wear blues, and let the brow tee anchor the look. This Bella Boxer face shirt is one of the most comfortable tees, and you might just find that this becomes a favorite one to wear. With the classy design, you can dress this Boxer tee shirt up with a blazer and a pair of heels. Or you can kick the heels off. It doesn't matter, because this tee can do it all.