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Have you checked out ARRF - look at the amazing work they do in Mississippi! I do not understand how people can be so cruel. Meet Nubbins! When we saved Nubbins, both of his back legs had been inhumanely amputated. He had already learned to adapt so we knew this guy deserved a second chance. He has a special Kennel at the rescue and has been fit for prosthetics. He seemed to get around better without the prosthetics. He is a very loving boy with a huge heart. Remember they are the SF rescue for January - every product purchased...

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We have some exciting things happening at Squishy Faces pet lover apparel over the next month!

For the month of January, we would like to welcome Moe Moe's Rescue of the Rockies. They are a wonderful organization who takes in all types of bulldogs.  They take the dogs that are left at shelters, the pets that have serious medical issues, the ones left in the yard on a chain, or just those that are not wanted. Once the bulldogs are in the care of the rescue, they get the medical care and love that they need. Rescues cannot do it without your help though, so check out their website and if you have it in your heart to volunteer, I am sure they would love the help.

NEXT - LEGGINGS!  We should have the samples in this week!  We attached a picture of our paw print leggings, so make sure you order your custom pet themed shirts to match them ASAP. We noticed that Lagoon Blue, Neon Red Orange, and Neon Pink go really well and look adorable with this print.  We aren’t officially sure on Paprika, but believe it will go well also.

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